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PyKey60 - RGB Keyboard PCB with a RP2040



The PyKey60 is a custom programmable mechanical keyboard with a standard ANSI 60% keyboard layout compatible with any cases made for the GH60. The PyKey60 uses mechanical switches (Cherry MX type). The keys are hot-swap socketed and have an individual underglow RGB LED which can be turned on. The PCB was designed for use with PCB-mount stabilizers.

Since this is a Hot Swappable Switches keyboard, you can choose the MX switches as well as the keycaps you prefer. You can even mix and match switches for the ultimate customization.

Just like CircuitPython, this keyboard is targeted for beginners. The design keeps the matrix definition simple to 14 columns and 5 rows instead of using a GPIO-optimized matrix of 8 columns and 8 rows. Neopixel order is also in line with key numbers. This keeps the complexity of coding a keyboard firmware to a minimum.

Entering the Bootloader & flashing CircuitPython

  • Download CircuitPython UF2 file
  • Enter the bootloader by putting the Boot/Run switch to the Boot position
  • Reset the board
  • Copy the UF2 file to the RPI drive.
  • Once flashed, reset the Boot/Run switch to the Run position

Supported Firmware




Top of PCB

Bottom of PCB


You can find the schematic ont he Github Repo here

Build Guide

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